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Connected Services and Systems

Connected Engineering

We are your highly experienced engineering partner and single-source supplier of sophisticated connectivity and IoT solutions.

Connected Engineering

From the device to the user experience, from the embedded software to the backend – we provide fully integrated connectivity solutions for our customers from the automotive and other industries. As your professional engineering partner, we want to enter into a fruitful dialogue with you right from the kickoff of your project and support you on a partnership basis through all further project phases. Our interdisciplinary team helps you to validate your concepts from a technical and commercial perspective as early as possible in the project. To help you with this, we will design and build proofs-of-concept and prototypes for you.

Thanks to the broad range of tools and services we have at our disposal, we can fully digitlize and automate your development processes. With our connected engineering solutions, we bring the complexity of today’s development activities under control, thus freeing up resources for you so you can focus on the essentials. Further, we can make the entire Bosch portfolio of production-ready connected services available to you and your customers already today. In other words: you only need to develop the missing elements. We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss the potential we can unlock together using our high-performance connected solutions.

Connected Engineering

IoT consulting and proof-of-concept

IoT consulting and proof-of-concept

The path leading from the initial idea to the successful product is influenced by many factors and raises many questions. What is more, the playing field in this connected world is subject to constant change.

With close support from our experts, you will develop and validate viable business models for your strategic plans, innovation projects, or for growing your existing portfolio. In this context, you will use special tools and frameworks from Bosch that are based on design thinking and lean startup principles. We will talk openly and provide you with a clear, objective, and impartial opinion about the options available to you on your way toward market launch.

Our engineers and user-experience experts will assist you in transferring the validated business models to initial technical concepts. We will also be delighted to assist you with planning and implementing visual depictions of technical functions (e.g. for trade shows and demonstrators) using specially developed apps.We help you to define and prioritize the needs and requirements of your users through the use of various dedicated methods. This user feedback serves as a common basis for the development of intuitive operating concepts. Your users are therefore involved regularly in the entire design process right up until the final implementation of your products and services. After all, even the best product will only sell if it meets users’ requirements. It is therefore our goal to help you create the best possible user experience.

IoT consulting and proof-of-concept

Engineering solutions

Use our broad portfolio of services and solutions to get your engineering projects connected. Experience at first hand the digital transformation that is currently taking place in the automotive industry. We will network your test setups and then forward the collected data to the right Bosch partners in order to be analyzed by you afterwards. We provide you with access to all IoT domains, from embedded software and connectivity to backend and cloud functionalities. Our own hardware furthermore enables fast and efficient iteration. As a result, we can offer you solutions for the entire IoT function chain.

New white paper

Remote Vehicle Access: Greater efficiency in vehicle testing with remote access

Are your vehicle tests characterized by time pressure, small availability windows, high travel expenses and cumbersome coordination? Learn in our whitepaper how you can address these challenges in the automotive industry with a remote access solution to ensure more efficiency and joy in the development process.

Virtual Interconnected Test Environment

Benefit from our various engineering, consulting and cloud services to raise your powertrain development to the next level! The Virtual Interconnected Test Environment system (VITE) from Bosch Engineering enables reproducible RDE (Real Driving Emissions) testing at the test bench. This approach combines real components like a combustion engine with a virtual environment.

Key Visual Virtual Interconnected Test Environment (VITE)

Our virtual test environment includes several models:

• vehicle
• transmission with shifting strategy
• various hybrid components (e.g. battery, e-motor, hybrid strategy)
• various routes to be travelled on
• various traffic situations
• different driver behaviors

To create such models, to evaluate measurement results efficiently and to meet further requirements, we developed our own pre- and post-processing tools, which are updated continuously.

Your Benefits

Risk reduction with frontloading – Analyzing the robustness of the powertrain system long before the first vehicle prototype is available

Save time and money – Reducing the number of test vehicles due to a variant simulation and furthermore due to an increase of testing efficiency by a 24/7 automation.

Testing global locally – Availability of test routes and drivers behaviors from different regions on our local test bench.

Increase quality – Ensuring space filling testing by defining a specific test matrix for your powertrain in a reproducible test environment.

Reliable expert know-how – Profiting from our expert team with experience in more than 17 projects with VITE.

Access 24/7 – Access routes, drivers and vehicle models via our Calponia cloud.

Our Service

Engine in the loop – We perform measurements and analyze emissions with your engine at our test bench embedded in a realistic virtual environment.

Vehicle in the loop – Reproducible climate condition testing for emission analysis on real tracks with driving robots at the climate chassis dyno.

Hybridization – We add models of electric components to your powertrain setup and build virtual hybrid configurations to analyze them with VITE.

Variant management – Calibration and analysis of powertrain robustness with different chassis-variants regarding emissions.

Digital Twins – We digitalize your vehicle, track and driver behavior and make it available for you in our cloud.

DIY Engineering – We also offer the opportunity to install VITE at your test bench.

DIY Support – We advise you with data handling and analysis while using VITE at your test bench.

Connected engineering series development

We bring Bosch connectivity solutions and applications to your mass-production platform. Being a part of the Bosch Group means we have access to existing Bosch production solutions that we can make available for your platforms.

We integrate our existing solutions into your infrastructure in a way that ensures the specific requirements of your use case are met – irrespective of whether you already use components and solutions from Bosch or from a third-party supplier. Examples of this are solutions like over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, or eCall.

Connected engineering deployed in volume production

Cloud robotics

Bosch cloud robotics is a cloud-based fleet management and mission control platform. It facilitates manufacturer-independent fleet coordination and the operation of autonomous robots and vehicles. We provide a versatile, scalable, safe, and secure solution that can be deployed by robot manufacturers and operators of robot fleets. What is more, we are manufacturer-agnostic, so different robots and vehicles can be deployed in a collaborative setup on the same instance in order to complete tasks together. Metadata and operational information (like map data, obstacles, and operational environment) can thus be shared between robots. This facilitates, among other things, an efficient planning and implementation of jobs and routes.

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