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As a single-source supplier, we offer an extensive calibration-related portfolio, from base calibration of the base engine to emission design and the related exhaust-gas treatment strategy. From initial engine parameterization through to volume-production readiness, we offer you calibration services for a wide variety of applications, taking into account all legal requirements. Not only do we provide this for existing mechatronic systems but for newly developed ones too.

We handle all the parameterization tasks as well as optimization of the engine management’s base calibration for conventional internal combustion engines. Besides various measures implemented within the engine itself, exhaust-gas treatment systems also play an important role in efforts to meet emission requirements. We also place great importance on issues such as functional safety and OBD.

Calibration related to start-up behavior and on-the-road performance is implemented in accordance with the customer’s requirements directly on the vehicle.

Organizing and carrying out testing all over the world, performing on-the-road validation and endurance tests, and access to state-of-the-art testing facilities for development, validation, and support with certification round off our portfolio.


Software and Systems

We offer test services in various sub-areas of development. These include the topics of test management, test strategy, safety test, test process, test systems, test specification, text execution, test analysis, and evaluation.

Thanks to our many years of experience in various domains, we can offer you optimal advice and support. Our knowledge covers the most common standards so that the test processes and working methods correspond to the latest technology. We also hold training courses in this area, in which we prepare you optimally for the topic of testing.

Test Management

Within the scope of test management, we plan, coordinate, and report on the test activities. This includes: definition of test strategies, planning and tracking of all test activities, integration of safety-relevant standards (e.g. IEC 61508, IEC 26262), implementation of test processes and supporting tools, as well as test process improvement based on TPI® and TMap®.

Automatic Test Execution

Depending on the degree to which the test can be automated, and the effort required to execute the test, automated execution can pay off even for one single test. In addition to the time and cost savings, there are further advantages such as reproducibility, simple repeatability, exact reporting, and, where applicable, reusability in other projects. Test runs can also be performed overnight or at weekends to achieve time savings.

Bosch Engineering uses various automation languages and tools. Both offline software tests (code on the PC without target) and tests in a hardware-in-the-loop environment can be automated. Depending on the application, the test cases are specified in Excel, XML, or via interfaces in databases.

Vehicle testing by Bosch Engineering

State-of-the-art drive concepts and vehicle functions that aim at complying with emission limit regulations also affect the complexity of the control software. This leads to increased requirements regarding the functionality and compliance with emission limits in the daily operation as well as the provision of reliable diagnostics for maintenance. The vehicle software is configured and optimized during various test drives on different test tracks, test stands and public roads. Any extreme conditions the vehicle might be exposed to should be tested and applied.

Bosch Engineering offers customized testing services for all requirements to ensure optimal safety for your vehicles. Our experts offer global support for your individual vehicle testing plans.

Use cases

  • Thanks to our global test tracks (e. g. in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Australia) we're able to cover all extreme conditions
  • Regional Bosch Engineering employees offer professional support for your planning of the test services
  • Know-how of country-specific features, especially at customs and for transportation

We offer you professional support for the planning and execution of customized testing services:

  • Coordination by locally based Bosch Engineering employees 
  • Vehicle transport to test locations 
  • Vehicle registration and customs clearance 
  • Provision of drivers 
  • Vehicle equipment 
  • Collection of measurement data 
  • Vehicle maintenance 
  • Route approval 
  • Local test management in all languages

  • Hot environment tests 
  • Cold environment tests 
  • High-speed tests 
  • High-altitude tests 
  • Endurance tests

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