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The journey towards automated machinery for off-highway applications

Bosch Engineering is driving the introduction of automated machinery with the development of advanced assistance systems and automation functions tailored to the specific requirements of the off-highway sector.

Your reliable automation partner

We support our customer from the very beginning at each step of the way to realize the vision of fully automated machinery with the development of market relevant solutions that ensure sustainable, needs-based automation tailored to our customer.

All the way

We at Bosch Engineering employ an incremental approach encompassing every step of the way. Starting with warning assistance functions to partially automated systems that assist the machine operator with specific activities right up to fully automated machinery.

Three stages towards full-automation

Bosch Engineering is employing a three-stage launch scenario, in which the level of automation increases with each successive step.

off highway automation support

Depending on the functional scope and the expected time of launch, a distinction is made between assistance functions that are already available today (“Today”), partially automated systems that will reach market maturity in the medium term (“Tomorrow”), and long-term, fully automated solutions (“Vision”).

Our Solutions

off highway automation support

Our Solutions

To enable full automation, the machine must have its own sensory system – i.e., it must essentially have “eyes” and be able to interpret the surroundings using its own “brain”. To facilitate automation in the various sectors, Bosch Engineering has created a modular system of different sensor technologies, which can be used to devise the optimum solution for each individual scenario.

The vision of tomorrow’s fully automated machinery is already within reach.

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Sales Manager Off-Highway