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The innovative Vehicle Dynamics System

Master performance

The innovative driving dynamics system

Only the enjoyment for driving gets out of control

The acceleration pushes the driver into the seat, the tires stick to the asphalt and the car rushes through the curve. All of this is thanks to the integrated vehicle dynamics control by Bosch Engineering. To achieve the perfect controllability of a super sports car you no longer have to be a professional racing driver, all because Bosch Engineering experts have provided an

innovative vehicle dynamics system. For the first time existing systems are networked together, synergies are created and additional potential for driving is opened. The result: agile vehicle behavior and full control at high speed, even for ambitious drivers.

  • Photo of a supercar front on test track
  • Photo of a race track curve
  • Photo of a driver on the test track

The integrated vehicle dynamics control by Bosch Engineering increases the safety and agility of a vehicle evenly. While other applications just react, the new vehicle dynamics system acts in advance. Using the principle of feed forward control, the behavior of the vehicle is predicted according to the inputs of the driver

and the respective actuators are specifically actuated. The driver experiences an optimum cornering performance and traction with simultaneously greater stability and more reliable vehicle behavior. The system works so inconspicuously that the driver does not perceive a control system, thus allowing maximum driving pleasure.

Aerial view of a car in a curve


Narrow curves, slalom, lane changes. The innovative vehicle dynamics system ensures optimized lateral dynamics and maximum traction and aids ambitious drivers in the hunt for best lap times.

Photo of a sportscar


The stable vehicle behavior in all weather conditions and driving situations increases the driver's confidence in his vehicle. This ensures a safe and natural driving feeling.

A new concept controls this for you

The new control concept consists of two components: an integrated vehicle dynamics control (IVC) and the individually adjustable traction control (ATC). A coordinated control of the actuators such as brakes, steering, powertrain, electric motors, differentials and chassis ensures the highest performance and a natural vehicle

behavior. A single function optimizes the overall vehicle dynamics and at the same time greatly reduces the development and tuning effort of the manufacturer. As a development partner for sports and premium vehicles, Bosch Engineering is able to offer the innovative vehicle dynamics system with IVC and ATC, which can be used to adapt the vehicle characteristics to customer requirements, brand philosophy or the driving situation at any time.

Optimally adjusted

Bosch Engineering offers vehicle-specific and manufacturer-specific driving modes – for individual driving characteristics matching the brand. The drivers themselves can personalize the features with the Custom mode or choose from a variety of different vehicle modes, such as Safe, Sport and Drift.

Safe mode

The Safe mode is the right choice for drivers who place great value on safety and a stable straight run.
This supports a slightly understeering driving behavior with high yaw damping.

Sport mode

The Sport mode is suitable for dynamic maneuvers such as 18 and 36 meter-slaloms or lane-changes.
The vehicle has a neutral balance. Yaw damping, steering effort
and response characteristics are geared towards a reduced lap time and the best possible transit speed.

Drift mode

Drivers experience dynamics and driving pleasure on closed racetracks in Drift mode.
This mode offers an oversteering vehicle balance, slightly increased yaw damping, low steering effort
and a gentle leaning to assist in initiating and controlling drift maneuvers.

Custom mode

The Custom mode allows personalized vehicle characteristics.
The driver can freely configure stabilization, balance and agility and adapt them to his wishes.
It can also be combined with HMI solutions from Bosch.

Photo of a supercar steering wheel

Always one step ahead with our services

We are your competent partner for vehicle dynamics systems and support you throughout the entire development process – from the concept phase through to series production. With our know-how, we can respond to your customer requirements and offer you an individual adjustment of the driving characteristics.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Integrated functional approach for controlling different actuators from a central controller, so-called "chassis domain controller"
  • Matching and controlling all actuators relevant to vehicle dynamics from a single source
  • Solving the compromises in the chassis setup thanks to speed-dependent adjustable vehicle characteristics
  • Expertise in the control of lateral dynamics-relevant actuators

Your direct contact for all queries regarding vehicle dynamics.