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Automotive Data Transformer

Cloud-based processing of measurement data format (MDF) files – simple, reliable, and secure.

Remote Bridge - Remote system for vehicle development

Are you looking for an easy and efficient solution for converting your MDF files (Measurement Data Format) into an analyzable format?

Our team conducted intensive research in a number of projects in order to devise a solution and consequently developed the automotive data transformer (ADT), a microservice that is very easy to integrate. Either in your data pipeline or cloud architecture.

The automotive data transformer is a powerful cloud-based SaaS tool that allows data engineers and cloud architects to process large volumes of vehicle data in a very short time. It supports the memory-efficient and widely used automotive data format MDF and can be seamlessly integrated into cloud services.

With simple API requests, even MDF inexperienced users can extract metadata and convert signal data into Parquet, JSON, or CSV format with maximum security and reliability. Regardless of whether you are analyzing or simulating vehicle data or attempting to improve machine learning models for autonomous vehicles: with the ADT, you can quickly extract valuable information from large volumes of data. It also eliminates the continuous maintenance and support requirements for your own interim solutions.

Main functions of the automotive data transformer

Extracting metadata

Definable detail levels of metadata are extracted. The data can be received directly as a JSON response or saved in JSON format.

Processing signal data

All or only specific signals are converted and loaded to the specified file path in the cloud storage. The data can be saved in Parquet, CSV, or JSON format.

Parallelized conversion

Specified signals are converted simultaneously and saved as Parquet, CSV or Json files in the defined cloud storage.

Developed by Bosch Engineering - accelerated by AWS technology

Digital Solutions for vehicle development

The automotive data transformer runs entirely on AWS and is prepared for integration in within a central data lake based on AWS S3. It therefore satisfies all the requirements for seamless integration into a data pipeline and a microservice-based cloud architecture.

Instead of processing the individual signals sequentially, we parallelize the signal processing with the potentials of cloud computing. This makes the automotive data transformer up to 40 times faster than local applications.

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Your benefits

Simple and fast

  • Simple API integration for faster time to market

  • Save valuable processing time with cloud-based parallelisation for faster results

Cost-efficient and flexible

  • Save highly compressed MDF files in the cloud to save costs and only parse relevant signals on demand

  • Useful functions for processing (e.g. resampling incl. interpolation and reduction of measurements)

Secure and reliable

  • ADT only receives revocable access to data in the customer cloud and is continuously updated

  • Less risk and maintenance effort due to continuous updates

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