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Data Analyzer

Efficient analysis of large amounts of measurement data

The amount of data that needs to be analyzed in automotive development is increasing exponentially. Data Analyzer is a powerful solution for analyzing large amounts of measurement data in all important file formats. Quickly, efficiently, and with high quality:

  • Create test reports
  • Find special situations out of countless measurements (event finder)
  • Calculate objective results about the performance of your software (KPIs)
  • Provide an argumentation basis for decisions and approvals (for example, for a risk analysis)

Data Analyzer is already being used successfully in projects within Bosch Engineering. External development teams should now also benefit from the advantages of this digital solution at this stage. Are you interested in a proof of concept?

Data Analyzer - Analysis of measurement data in vehicle development

Have you ever analyzed 2 petabytes or 2,000 terabytes or 2,000,000 gigabytes or 2,000,000,000 megabytes or 1.38 billion floppy disks? Data Analyzer has.

Calibration Engineer for driver assistance systems

Benefits at a glance

With Data Analyzer, you can analyze your petabytes of measurement data simply, quickly, and efficiently.

Objective analysis

  • Verify statements with objective evaluations
  • Replace subjective assessments with objective analyses

Optimize processes

  • Work together on the evaluation with colleagues
  • Create comparable analyses for different vehicles or projects

Quick access

  • Online access for configuring an analysis
  • Offline version available, for example, for testing on the road

User-friendly operation

  • Easily configure analyses
  • Created configurations can be quickly adapted for additional evaluations

Save time and money

  • Quick, objective results through automated data analysis
  • Cloud-based computing power saves your resources

Efficient evaluation of vehicle data with Data Analyzer

Areas of application of our customer

Areas of application

  • Create high-quality test reports quickly and easily
  • Sort measurements using customized criteria and find special driving situations and software errors that have occurred
  • Check software functions for compliance with legal requirements
  • Offline version available, for example, for testing on the road
  • Available file formats: *.mf4, *.mdf, *.dat (ADTF), *.d97, *.blf, *.asc, *.dat (INCA), *.mat (further formats are in process)

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