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Vehicle System Solutions

Consulting, Feature Based Development, Vehicle E/E Infrastructure, Integration, Verification & Validation, Full Functional Integration

Passion for tomorrow. From vision to reality.

In the course of the rapidly changing automotive markets, the demand for innovative and high-performance vehicle system solutions is rising significantly. Increasingly, these can only be implemented by means of a high degree of component networking or fundamentally new E/E architectures. At the same time, a cross-domain development methodology that focuses on customer requirements (UX) via so-called experiential vehicle functions, or features, is gaining in importance ever more.

With "Vehicle System Solutions", Bosch Engineering offers a service portfolio for complete vehicle development that is geared to current market trends and meets increasingly complex requirements.Together we bring your vehicle vision to the road.

Your development partner for integrated and individual Vehicle System Solutions

We support you with vehicle development services along the entire development process.


A Strong Partner Whenever Needed

Vehicle System Solutions Consulting

The conception phase of a vehicle lays the foundation for the future success of a project. Through user analyses and benchmark comparisons, we work jointly to define what features the new vehicle should have and how these should be designed to meet your brand DNA. Together we determine use cases and which vehicle features are to be provided for the realization and work out a first concept of the E/E architecture. To increase efficiency and master the system, we also consult you on processes, methods and tools as well as on model-based system development.

Feature Based Development (FBD)

Making Features Work for You

Feature Based Development (FBD)

Thinking in features means describing vehicle behavior for specific use cases independent from a fixed technical solution or at least with multiple solutions in mind. With our services, we map the process between feature conception and creation of specifications for you. This process includes the transformation of each feature into individual functions, the analysis of which modules in the E/E infrastructure can best execute them, and the definition of the specifications for the individual software and hardware modules. In addition to the technical requirements, we also take into account the aspects of “functional safety“, “cybersecurity“ and “diagnostics“, resulting in holistically coordinated specifica-tions. Our Verification & Validation methods help to easily improve the quality of those specifications already in an early stage of development. We can offer this service regardless of whether you source pre-integrated systems and components from Bosch, or from third parties.

Vehicle E/E Infrastructure

Set the Course for the Future

Vehicle E/E Infrastructure

Laying the groundwork on the vehicle's electronic and electrical infrastructure level, is elementary to developing trend-setting vehicle functions. That is why a paradigm shift is taking place in the development of vehicle functions. The complex requirements of new functionalities must be considered holistically from concept to implementation. We take care of this for you. As your partner, we design and implement the Smart On-Board Power Supply System, the Communication Network, the Wiring Harness and the Terminal Concept, taking into account Electromagnetic Compability Standards.

Integration, Verification & Validation

Making it Work

Vehicle E/E Infrastructure

The complexity and dynamics of electrical and electronic systems require a high level of competence in system networking and interface specification. We integrate, verify and validate multi-domain vehicle functionalities, drawing on our comprehensive software and component know-how. With Bosch Engineering, you can expect integration and V&V services at OEM level with the primary purpose to speed up the calibration activities required for vehicle usage on public roads. Our focus is on a holistic approach of vehicle systems, including test strategies and maneuvers at system and vehicle level as well as the compliance with all functional safety requirements. These "end-to-end" services along the functional chain are also available for our connectivity solutions. We offer our services independently of Bosch components. Whether you are a small series manufacturer, a start-up or an established OEM, you can start benefiting from efficient integration now.

Full Functional Integration

Complete and Pre-Integrated Solutions

Vehicle E/E Infrastructure

We are your development partner for integrated and individual vehicle system solutions. From the idea to the series and beyond. With this vision we want to enable you to source at complete or pre-integrated system level. Here are four examples:

- General Safety Regulation Kit (GSR)

- Complete Brake System

- Complete Steering

- Module Group Chassis

Your benefits

Bosch Engineering is present in a wide variety of markets, is in contact with a wide range of customer types and knows the megatrends of the automotive industry. Based on our experience and expertise, we can support you as a partner at eye level in vehicle system development.

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Thomas Pauly

Sales Manager