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Testing and Prototyping

In the area of testing, we offer a wide range of services and testing technology. This offer includes multiple test benches, laboratories, testing technology, prototyping as well as workshops.

In our test center, we offer you state-of-the-art testing technology for multidisciplinary testing and engineering services. Together with you, we flexibly develop and optimize modern vehicle systems and engines of all kinds. This is how we move safely into the future of mobility. In doing so, we use our many years of know-how to deliver the best possible quality.

Benefit from our comprehensive range of services and a service tailored specifically to your needs - from simple testing tasks to complex projects.

In addition, we offer the development and production of customer-specific testing technology as prototypes and in small series. Testing technology for common rail and e-mobility applications as well as calibration tools and the intelligent HiL test system μLC can be ordered via our product catalog.

Bosch Engineering Testing

Customized service

Test design

We will draw up test designs that meet your needs and all legal requirements, defining the testing process and determining the necessary measurements.

Vehicle and test item preparation

We take care of equipping vehicles or other test objects with the necessary measurement and test technology. Furthermore we organize the transport to other locations.

Test chain

When testing several components, you can rely on our team’s expertise to take the measurements – or you can conduct the tests yourself.

Individual testing services

When testing a specific component, you can either take the measurements yourself or let Bosch Engineering associates do it for you.

Interpretation of results

Following testing, we will prepare the results for you, interpret them on request, and present them to you in the format of your choice.


We offer ideal testing conditions. The excelusively usable workshop areas and third-party assembly halls, the (hydrogen) gas station, the excavator hall and the hydrogen capable workshop are what makes us special.

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