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The European Commission has approved an update to the General Safety Regulation (GSR). This Regulation defines safety technologies and design features that must be regarded as standard in new passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses in the European Union. In the future, certain ADAS functions in particular will have to be integrated by the GSR. The binding launch date for the first functions is July 7, 2022 for new vehicle types and July 7, 2024 for new vehicles.

Bosch Engineering therefore offers a complete solution - the so-called "ADAS GSR Kit" - which consists of services and components relating to the ADAS system to upgrade your vehicle in accordance with the upcoming GSR-regulation.

With Bosch Engineering you are “ADAS ready for GSR” with just one kit!

We supply the required additional components as well as all systems engineering services that are required for the integration of the ADAS features according to the GSR regulation into your vehicle.

Systems Engineering

Our Services

We offer the following topics for the regulation:

Engineering consulting

  • Individual advice on product integration and relevant processes
  • Individual gap analysis for existing E/E architectures


  • Provision of functional chains of relevant ADAS GSR features including all required functional requirements on vehicle level
  • Provision of delta-specifications for existing components containing the additional functions required to complete the function chain of the feature


  • Provision of main perception components (front-, rear- and driver monitoring camera) which are additionally required to the already existing vehicle components

Verification and Validation

  • Complete verification and validation of the specified feature functionality at vehicle level

Reduction of complexity

With our holistic approach, we combine several components in one harmonized ADAS solution.

Reduced time to market

Our kit solution increases the speed of development and at the same time reduces the development costs.

Most notably these ADAS features are mandated by GSR:

Your benefits with us

Your strong partner in cross-domain development with many years of experience in driver assistance and all involved components. By means of specifications and verification, we enable you to integrate new ADAS features.

State-of-the-art test centers

Access to Bosch series components

Comprehensive know-how in diverse types vehicle systems development

Various industries: Passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, off-highway applications


Mario Tomassucci

Sales Manager