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Smart Robotic Functions

Smart Robotic Functions – our software solution for your robot.

Especially suited for Cleaning Use Cases.

In order for a machine to drive autonomously, it has to know, where it is and what the surrounding looks like. It has to navigate, detect objects and drive around them. No matter at what point on the journey towards automation our customers are, our Smart Robotic Functions are the solution for those challenges!

To get a first impression of our Smart Robotic Functions, have a look at our video:

strong research activities

As part of the company Bosch, we offer a high experience level and strong research activities in autonomous driving, automation & robotics

ready-to-use software

We have a highly mature & ready-to-use software with the Smart Robotic Functions: Localization & Mapping, Obstacle Detection and Navigation.

individually adapted

Our software is individually adapted to your specific use case and robot.

prototyping to industrialization

We are the enabler for your journey to automation: we can support you all the way from prototyping to industrialization: Consulting for Basic Software, System Design, Integration, Safety Concept & Security.


What are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us and and get to see, how our demonstrator handles your specific use case. Together we‘ll start your journey to automation!