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Fuel Cell Kit

Long-distance electromobility

With the fuel cell-electric drive, we can provide an attractive and economical solution for a new type of mobility with zero emissions. In vehicles with fuell-cell electric drives, hydrogen is the energy source used by the fuel cell to generate electricity. This drive solution is not only used for inner-city driving; in fact, it is most convincing when covering longer distances up to a range of several hundred kilometers. Fuell cell-electric vehicles also score points with their short refilling times of just a few minutes. The requirements profile of fuel-cell technology makes it ideally suited to heavy-duty trucks or fleet vehicles, which are used in continuous operation with short downtimes.

For more technical information, please refer to the brochure.


Fuell cells boast high efficiency, combined with high power density and a low power-to-weight ratio.

zero emissions

even in long-distance applications

long range

The fuel cell-electric drive enables ranges of over 500 kilometers.


Short refilling time of just a few minutes, enabling ranges of up to several hundred kilometers

The system

The components of the fuel cell-electric drive are perfectly matched with each other to achieve the highest performance.

System of Fuel-cell components

Our portfolio of services

Fuel cell drive

individual and flexible

We offer tailor-made, optimized system solutions based on proven Bosch technology for all vehicle segments.



Bosch’s entire portfolio of fuel-cell technology is geared toward volume production.

safe and reliable

safe and reliable

We enable holistic, reliable system development with an integrated control strategy and the safety concept to match.

Fuel-cell component set

Our range of products for fuel cell-electric drive systems covers a variety of expansion stages. With our fuel-cell component set, we enable our customers to design a fuel cell-electric drive system that addresses all specific needs and requirements. The component set is based on our portfolio of tried-and-tested Bosch components. We choose all the required components on your behalf and can thus satisfy a wide range of requirements in terms of performance, system efficiency, and component lifetime. In doing so, we design the system so that it ideally meets your individual performance requirements.

Fuel-cell component set

Hydrogen has the power to change the future of mobility.

For any application in any vehicle segment where you would like to use a fuel cell-electric drive, we can offer you a custom system solution. Whether engineering, system architecture, simulation, or integration – with our expertise, we can address your individual requirements very precisely. By putting our wide range of services and solutions at your disposal, we support you throughout every project phase – and beyond.

What we also offer you:

  • Comprehensive portfolio of electromobility solutions
  • Easily integrated, tried-and-tested components
  • Economies of scale through bundling of batches in production
  • Assistance in complying with current and future environmental legislation

Your direct contact for all queries regarding fuel cell-electric drive.

Harald Fischer

Sales Manager