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Vehicle dynamics management

Next-level performance, comfort, and safety

Vehicle dynamics management (VDM)

Imagine one of your vehicles. And now add optimal cornering dynamics, the best traction and maximum braking performance in any situation. With our new approach to developing vehicle dynamics functions, "Vehicle Dynamics Management", we turn imagination into reality.

Peaceful coexistence becomes maximized collaboration

By implementing an integrated central controller, we bring out the full potential of all actuators. The previously common strategy of "peaceful coexistence" was based on feedback structures with a heuristic approach and could result in actuators working against each other. In contrast, we use a controller design based on the principle of nonlinear model-based feedforward control. The result is an especially natural driving behavior as the vehicle responds directly to the driver's immediate steering command.

Our integrated dynamics functions

Integrated Brakeslip Control (IBC)

Integrated brakeslip control (IBC)

IBC is a controller for achieving the best performance in braking situations. In addition to optimizing the braking distance and improving the driving behavior when braking in curves, the aim is also to maximize the recuperation potential in ABS braking with electric and hybrid powertrains.

Integrated Traction Control (ITC)

Integrated traction control (ITC)

ITC is an integrated approach to controlling actuators that are mainly relevant to traction. Designed for the racetrack, traction control does not slow the driver down, but optimizes the traction of the vehicle, allowing even the most experienced driver to improve their lap time or control drift situations more easily.

Integrated Vehicle Dynamics HMI (IVH)

Integrated vehicle dynamics HMI (IVH)

IVH offers you a customizable function that allows your customers to configure the above-described functions in their own vehicles, e.g. by pushbuttons, a rotary switch, or via the vehicle user interface. In this way, you can cater even more individually to the driving needs of your customers and provide them with a new quality of driving.

Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Estimation (IVE)

Integrated vehicle dynamics estimation (IVE)

IVE is an estimation algorithm that estimates motion and tire parameters. The estimated values can be used to improve the performance of IVC and ITC. For IBC, this estimator is mandatory since an accurate speed estimate is essential to achieve the optimal braking distance. For the best possible accuracy, we use a 6D inertial sensor system, i.e. sensors to measure the acceleration and rotation rate of the chassis in the longitudinal, lateral and vertical directions of the vehicle.

A customized experience

Your benefits

Optimized performance and reduced complexity

With our integrated approach, we optimize performance and reduce your coordination efforts between multiple actuator suppliers.

Bringing your philosophy to life

Together we empower your brand to emphasize and fine time your specific later dynamics philosophy.

Scope to expand

We offer scalable solutions for central multi-actuator control in a Bosch ESP unit and on a central computer.

Time to level up

Level up and achieve a new driving experience

Our concept makes it possible to implement reliable and predictable driving behavior in every situation, with the aim that the driver should not perceive the control and instead experience a positive change in the driving dynamics behavior of their vehicle. Working with us, you can take the driving experience you offer to the next level.

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