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Electrifying the Seas: Our Innovative Solutions for Maritime Drive Electrification

The maritime industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by stricter environmental regulations and increasing customer demand for sustainable and low-noise motorization. To address these challenges, we introduced a comprehensive system for boat drive electrification. By providing efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable solutions, we aim to help shipyards, shipbuilders, and system integrators seamlessly transition to electric drives in the maritime sector.

Meeting Regulatory Demands and Customer Expectations:

Around the world, new environmental laws for inland and recreational boating are set to be enforced in the coming years, promoting the adoption of alternative powertrain systems and even the complete ban of conventional engines. We recognize the importance of these legal requirements and understands the growing customer preference for eco-friendly solutions.

With our solutions, we offer an efficient way to meet these requirements. We are also making a valuable contribution to further reducing greenhouse gas and noise emissions in the maritime sector
Philipp Kurek, responsible for off-highway and maritime solutions at Bosch Engineering

Components of the electric drive system:

Bosch enigneering. Bosch supplies components and system development for ship electrification. Proven technologies from the automotive sector ensure high profitability, reliability, and robustness. Compact dimensions allow easy and fast system integration into the boat. First application successfully in production, more to follow in the coming months

Our electric drive system comprises several key components designed to ensure optimal performance and adaptability to various applications. At the heart of the system lies an electric motor, available in two power ratings: 90 kW and 140 kW. These motors feature a specific design, characterized by high power density and exceptional efficiency. Their compact dimensions enable easy integration into existing engine compartments, simplifying the retrofitting process for ship owners.

The system also includes an optional gearbox, an inverter with an integrated DC/DC converter, and an electric control unit, forming a comprehensive and scalable solution tailored to specific application requirements.

Electric drive system platform: simple integration thanks to platform approach

With the electric drive system platform (EDSP), Bosch Engineering offers boat manufacturers a solution for electric boat drives. This comprises Bosch’s own drive components, such as the electric motor, inverter, and transmission, as well as all other relevant components, such as the high-voltage battery, charger, and cable harnesses. Users also receive a description of all the key information they need to incorporate the technology into their boat. This includes a system manual, component specifications, electronic control unit software, and a startup packet. In addition, the EDSP approach significantly shortens the development time to series use. With the EDSP, boat manufacturers benefit from a complete, predefined solution that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively in recreational boats or yachts.

Advantages and Enhancements:

The integration of our electric drive system in boats and yachts offers numerous advantages, revolutionizing the boating experience. The electric drive's dynamic behavior provides a new level of enjoyment while piloting yachts and recreational boats. Additionally, Bosch prioritized compactness and ease of installation during the development of the inverter, ensuring a seamless integration process. The lightweight nature of our components further contributes to the overall performance, increasing the maximum range of the boat and enhancing its efficiency.

Reliability and Flexibility:

Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in the electric drive system's components. Leveraging their proven technologies from the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments, as well as other commercial applications. The reliability of these components has been tested and validated over years of successful implementation. Moreover, we offer great flexibility to you.

You can either adopt the entire drive system as a complete package or integrate individual components into your existing systems. Furthermore we support you in integrating the drive system and optimizing its performance based on specific operating conditions.

Progress and Future Plans:

Our electric drive system has entered series production at a pilot customer, marking a significant milestone in the company's pursuit of electrifying the maritime industry. Currently, additional applications are undergoing testing and are expected to be introduced in the market in the next few months.