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Working for us

Bosch Engineering GmbH is an internationally operating company with its headquarters in Abstatt, near Stuttgart. Our company’s international ethos is also reflected in our employees’ diverse backgrounds: We are proud to employ around 3,000 employees from 55 countries at our 15 facilities worldwide.

A modern development site

Campus Abstatt

Since 2019, Bosch Engineering GmbH has been the proud owner of an exclusive NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) rolling test bench, which enables even state-of-the-art powertrain concepts to be tested. Furthermore, we have several workshops, vehicle test benches, engine test benches, and multiple climatic chambers for conducting tests at ambient temperatures of between -40 °C and + 30 °C. Tests are applied and conducted at speeds of up to 310 km/h on the high-performance test bench. A further three engine test benches are used for conducting emissions analyses – among other things – in line with country-specific legislation. The nearby Bosch test center in Boxberg also enables vehicles to be test-driven under extreme conditions (with regard to speed and handling, among other factors). At our new and growing site in Holzkirchen (near Munich), we also have a test bench for hybrid and electric powertrains.

  • NVH Test Bench
  • E-Machine Test Bench
  • Engine Hybrid Test Bench

Working at Bosch Engineering

Working at Bosch Engineering

Here at Bosch Engineering GmbH, we attach great importance to a pleasant working environment. The concept of “inspiring working conditions” (IWC) has given rise to an open working culture with ample, open-plan rooms, lounges, generously proportioned offices, and a free choice of seating. The goal of the concept is to provide freedom for working individually, in addition to fostering creativity. Doing so promotes the exchange of ideas between colleagues across the boundaries of departments and operating units in order to create synergies, which might lead to new business ideas and models.

Creative spaces and internal crowdfunding campaigns, for which Bosch Engineering GmbH makes a certain budget available to employees every year, further expand the freedom to be creative and also offer an opportunity to bring visionary projects to fruition.

Health and wellbeing

Feeling good while working is important to us! We promote a healthy lifestyle among employees at our Abstatt site. In October 2018 , the first health center within the Bosch Group was opened on the company premises in Abstatt. This health center offers preventive physical exams, a range of relaxation courses, and a fitness suite.

Much emphasis is also placed on a balanced diet. The two modern cafeterias at the complex in Abstatt offer a wide range of varied, fresh, and international dishes. Anyone wishing to take a short break to unwind between appointments can replenish their energy in our timeout zone, which features massage chairs and therapeutic sound cradles.

Health and wellbeing

Work–life balance

Work–life balance

Do you find your career and family life equally important? We give you enough freedom to balance the two!

You are able to adopt flexible working hours between 6 am and 10 pm as dictated by your needs. In addition, you have the option of working from home when required. We also offer various working patterns to help you strike the ideal work–life balance.

Would you like to spend your evenings with your family? No problem! You can shop for groceries online and have them delivered straight to the workplace.

If your family needs you at home, you are able to take leave lasting up to three years to care for a loved one. And when there are additions to your family, you have the opportunity as a new mother or father to take advantage of maternity or paternity leave – without worrying about your job! At the end of your time away, you will return to a position at the same pay grade.


Cultural diversity was very close to the heart of our company founder, Robert Bosch. Nowadays, diversity is still firmly established in our corporate strategy and continues to play an important part for all of us here. We value our differences: Every day, we deal with a variety of people, tasks, and situations. This attitude helps us to promote a positive working culture and keep our employees motivated. Our self-perception makes allowance for a diversity of mentalities, experiences, management approaches, and working styles. Each and every employee contributes to positive collaboration and the success of the company as a whole.

Since the quota of women is part of diversity, we published targets regarding the proportion of women in management positions. These can be viewed in the PDF below.


Striking the right balance together

Health and sport

In addition to a fitness studio with a boulder wall, various sports courses and a wide range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities, our associates can benefit from a medical prevention program.


In the PanaMa day care center, numerous childcare places are available for the children of our associates. In addition, holiday care is offered.

Additional facilities/activities on site

Our location offers make your daily life easier. Our location in Abstatt has a hairdresser, a post office and a cleaning service. A bicycle leasing service is also available.


The location has two canteens and two cafés. In addition, coffee, tea and fresh fruit are always available in our lounges.

Working culture

Lean hierarchies enable cooperation at equal level. The "Du" culture and the casual dress code are what distinguish us.

A glimpse behind the scenes

What is so special about working at Bosch Engineering GmbH? Our employees love to share their knowledge.

Sven Merkle

Sven Merkle

Project Calibration Engineer for ESP

Combining work with leisure

The topic of health and wellbeing is very important to me, and I enjoy doing sporting activities. The newly opened health center is ideal for those of us who work at the facility in Abstatt, as this has made the distance to the nearest fitness suite considerably shorter over the past year. All we need to do now is leave one building and go into the next one! This allows us to keep tiredness at bay and come back full of energy after an active lunch break. In addition, the “Culture, Sport and Leisure” network organizes a vast choice of activities for sporty types.

Varied daily routines – both on the test track and in the office

As a project calibration engineer for ESP, I am the first point of contact for our customers: I spend a lot of time on the test track to ensure that our brake-control system satisfies their every requirement.

My work is very varied: The time spent at domestic and international testing facilities are constantly interspersed with time in the office. I personally find it a huge source of motivation to make a contribution during development that every driver can experience afterwards.

Flexible working hours

We need to be very flexible in the course of our day-to-day work because unforeseen changes of plan can occur at any time in the automotive-engineering domain.

Bosch Engineering GmbH offers the right framework conditions for this scenario: Employees are fully responsible for scheduling their own working hours, which leaves their work–life balance in their own hands.

Silvia Maria Lopez Valdezate

Silvia Maria Lopez Valdezate

Team Leader for Basic Software for ESP/iBooster

Experiencing diversity first-hand

My group is diverse and comprises men and women of all ages from eleven countries. Each and every day brings new opportunities to learn about these different cultures and share a joke or two about familiar stereotypes. We all respect one another, and the working environment is outstanding. I love working in such a diverse group.

Finding the right place

I have always been interested in the automotive industry and technology in general. It has long been a dream of mine to work on vehicles and develop new things. In Bosch Engineering GmbH, I have found an employer that supports me in achieving my professional goals. I am highly motivated and love doing what I do here. There hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t enjoy coming to work.

Making the most of opportunities

Flexibility and development opportunities are two attributes that accurately describe the work philosophy at Bosch Engineering GmbH. Before my time as a team leader, I built up experience in various operating units at Bosch Engineering. For several years now, I have been working in software development. I have been able to build up an enormous network within the company and have gained in-depth knowledge of the product and software. In my opinion, taking the position as team leader was a logical step for my personal development – and my career.

Nico Kappel

Nico Kappel

Department head – Engineering Application Vehicle and Engine

Applying motivation to achieve great things

In general, I would definitely say that the values of our company coincide with my own. Within a group of companies with many complex interconnections, I see myself as someone who makes the world just a little more livable – in full compliance with our claim “Invented for life”. In terms of my own specific tasks, I appreciate the responsibility that everyone at Bosch Engineering assumes.

Contributing to the greater good

A large share of an executive’s duties has to do with communication. I try to make this open and transparent in order to build trust. I try to keep a sympathetic ear for my colleagues if they have questions, to provide effective assistance, and to help each and every one of them to keep developing on a personal level.

Among the senior management, we work as a team to come up with strategies and measures that will help us to successfully overcome the challenges of the future. For my department, this specifically means expanding calibration expertise for electromobility, establishing future targets in terms of exhaust emissions, and also developing calibration methods and tools for boosting efficiency.

Last, but not least: All of this has to be considered from the viewpoint of satisfying our customers’ requirements and inspiring them with our excellence.

A sense of togetherness

For me, what makes Bosch Engineering and working here so unique is the high level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the company’s employees across all hierarchy levels – and that they have the freedom to make their own decisions as part of this.

Application Management