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Engineering services, Testing, Consulting, and Trainings

Bosch Engineering GmbH is capable of much more than simply developing customer-specific solutions for electronic systems. As an addition to our broad spectrum of products, we can also provide you with services related to testing and test-bench equipment, functional safety, training, and consulting. Although these can be integrated within the framework of your specific projects, they are also available entirely separately for specific requirements. You therefore have the opportunity to benefit from options that are custom-tailored to your needs.

Engineering services

Engineering services

Bosch Engineering provides comprehensive engineering services for efficient, safe, and connected mobility. Irrespective of the quantities involved, we develop made-to-measure solutions from the initial study right through to readiness for production. Here, the services on offer range from the development of systems, functions, and software for the powertrain, as well as for safety, vehicle-dynamics and infotainment systems. What is more, they also cover their electric and electronic integration.



In our state-of-the-art testing portfolio, we offer equipment and services for conducting the complex measurements required for developing vehicle systems. Benefit from the expertise and experience of the Bosch Group, in addition to in-depth supervision of your projects by our highly competent team.



Optimized products and processes are the foundation for successful operation in the market. We provide you with needs-based, practically-oriented assistance and consultation for your specific requirements. Our range of services not only covers process optimization, project and quality management, but also specialist expertise with regard to the most innovative topics – and that includes the necessary IT-related aspects. We guide you all the way – all over the world!



Knowledge is a key form of business capital: Today’s knowledge determines tomorrow’s success. Modern electronic systems are boasting ever more functions and becoming increasingly complex. This also causes the need for comprehensive, targeted knowledge transfer to grow. Since 2001, we have been closely collaborating with Robert Bosch GmbH in our Bosch Engineering Training Center to devise and develop effective, efficient training sessions on various topics.



Even beyond the boundaries of the automotive sector, we can confidently claim to yield optimum benefits for our customers through innovative engineering services. We meticulously adapt systems to suit the intended purpose in many different sectors.

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