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Test Benches

Reliable results thanks to modern equipment

Overview of the Bosch Engineering Test Center

Bosch Engineering test bench
The Bosch Engineering state-of-the-art acoustic test bench is available for customers to enable optimized vehicle acoustics.
Bosch Engineering exhaust test bench
The exhaust test bench, which includes a particulates lab, can perform verification of limiting values according to global standards.
Bosch Engineering high-performance roller test bench
The high-performance roller test bench permits functional and high-performance testing at speeds of up to 310 kph.
Bosch Engineering climate test bench
The climate test bench can analyze cold-start, cold-running, and cold-incline-start behaviors at various temperatures.
Bosch Engineering climate test bench
The climate test bench also permits emissions testing across the entire temperature range.
Bosch Engineering engine test bench
The engine test bench offers fully automated testing for component tuning and for the development of combustion and emissions.
Bosch Engineering filling station
There is a filling station for fueling and defueling test vehicles that offers 17 different fuels along with separate special fuels.
Image of a secure third-party assembly shops
We have several secure third-party assembly shops, each with its own entrance and exit, for assembling prototypes.
assembly shop
Our assembly shop and workshop feature 14 mobile lift platforms, special tools, and test equipment as well as turning, milling, and grinding machines and drills.
test benches e-drives
Comprehensive testing technology for e-drives: our test benches facilitate extensive testing of electric motors.
on-board networks
We support you in the innovative development of future on-board networks. To do this, at our location in Abstatt, Germany, we have set up a powerful test bench with the latest measuring technology; measurements.

Our Test Benches

Acoustic Test Center (NVH)

The Bosch Engineering state-of-the-art acoustic test bench is available for customers to enable optimized vehicle acoustics.This is supplemented by a hemi-anechoic chamber, additional acoustic test benches and the appropriate engineering know-how.

We have extensive experience in powertrain development and support our customers from concept to production. This enables us to offer NVH support in the early concept phase already

Engine test bench

The highly dynamic engine test benches are ideally equipped for stationary and transient tests, thanks to a full-flow dilution tunnel and a constant-volume sampling (CVS) system. As a result, they meet the requirements for certifiable measurement accuracy, permitting the flexible performance of both manual and fully automated test programs.

Quick engine-change technology

Our quick engine-change system guarantees smooth engine assembly and changes without affecting the continuity and comparability of measurements. Engines can be quickly connected to the test bench thanks to standardized interfaces that reduce the effort required for an engine change to a minimum. This maximizes your testing time, since engine changes can be prepared separately. Meanwhile, the option of forced engine cooling permits optimum coordination of measuring times and analysis times.

Emissions and performance test bench

Various dynamometers are available for performing comprehensive testing and measurements on different types of vehicles and vehicle systems. The exhaust-gas chassis dynamometer carries out exhaust emission tests and verifications of limiting values in accordance with global standards. This high-performance dynamometer can perform functional and performance testing at speeds of up to 310 kph.

Electric motor test bench

Our electric motor test bench offer a broad range of services for current and future technology trends. Thanks to high-speed brakes and voltage ranges of up to 1,000 volts, we can offer the full spectrum of tests for individual electric motors with high power density. In addition, we offer you the option of using our test benches to test integrated electric axle drives that feature proprietary drive technology, including measurement of wheel torque. A wealth of supplementary equipment is also available, including for oil or water cooling, measuring temperature, pressure, volume flow rates, and NVH, plus electric power measuring equipment for determining efficiency.

Climate test bench

Temperatures can be set anywhere between -35°C and +35°C on the climate test bench. The bench also features cooling sectors to pre-temper vehicles. This ensures the efficiency of emissions tests, measurements of cold-start compensation and warm-start adjustments, and component temperature measurements.

Hydraulic test benches

Our hydraulic test benches are ideal for flexibly operating and measuring either individual injection components or entire common-rail injection systems. It can generate operating pressures of over 3,000 bar. In addition, our test center offers hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test benches for SCR systems in all applications. It is also possible to conduct tests of hydrocarbon injection (HCI) systems to support particle filter regeneration.

Dynamic hot-gas test bench

Our test bench can be used to benchmark or validate individual components or whole systems of the exhaust tract. It is also designed for waste-heat recovery applications. We work with all standard, also flammable fluids.

Workshop area

Both our assembly shop and our workshop are designed for all vehicle classes and offer space for ideal testing preparation. Our qualified associates perform assembly and maintenance tasks as well as fitting, removing, and rebuilding work.

Third-party area

We offer ideal storage for your prototypes in our secure third-party area with its own entrance and controlled access. The area can also be used independently of our workshop teams, so your specialists can perform their own work.

On-Board Networks and Generators

We support you in the innovative development of future on-board networks. To do this, at our location in Abstatt, Germany, we have set up a powerful test bench with the latest measuring technology; measurements can be performed manually or automated. Air-cooled or water-cooled generators can be operated, with desired temperature control. Operation of two generators in parallel is also possible. Batteries can also be conditioned to comply with standards regarding charging status and temperature.

We offer you investigations supported by measurement techniques and the evaluation of customer-specific architectures of electrical on-board energy networks and their individual components.

Our services

  • System analysis in the electrical on-board network (battery charge balancing, voltage stability, interactions between electrical consumers)
  • Validation of parameters and characteristic lines for generator models
  • Benchmark test of generators
  • Electrical simulation of high-current consumers
  • Execution of battery measurements (capacity check, battery aging, load tests)

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