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Fleet Explorer

Full access to real-time data from your vehicles. Anytime. Anywhere.

Current data loggers present a variety of challenges for vehicle development. Complicated and restricted access to measurement data and unclear data management make the work unnecessarily difficult and inefficient.

Fleet Explorer is a digital solution that was developed specifically for these challenges. Through remote access to your entire fleet of development vehicles, Fleet Explorer allows real-time data which is saved on a central platform to be analyzed at any time. Simple, user-friendly creation of customized dashboards for analysis makes it easier to keep track of everything at any time and to quickly analyze data. Fleet Explorer makes a valuable contribution to efficient and effective vehicle development through optimal data collection and analysis.

Fleet Explorer – Fleet data collection for the analysis and visualization of measurement data

Benefits at a glance

Fleet Explorer enables your development team to easily analyze vehicle data and saves time and money in the process. Let Fleet Explorer work for you!

Quick access

  • Fleet data always available in real time
  • Simple data visualization in the web browser
  • Every team member can access all the data at the same time
  • Keep track of adaptation values, diagnostic thresholds, etc. at all times
  • Receive direct messages about thresholds, for example, through MS Teams

User-friendly operation

  • Plug-and-play installation and intuitive operation
  • Configure measurements and analyses yourself
  • No complex measurement technology or software required

Flexible solution

  • Remote access to real-time data
  • Effective remote support by experts
  • No physical access to the vehicle required

Keep track of vehicle data and analyze it in real time with Fleet Explorer

Areas of application of our customer

Areas of application

  • Combination of multiple functions for improving and simplifying data collection, which can be helpful, for example, when transitioning to the development of electric drives
  • Higher quality thanks to a larger database in development and testing
  • Improved monitoring of the entire vehicle fleet
  • Fast response to critical thresholds being exceeded